FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

When returning a rental vehicle, do I have to fill up the fuel tank?

If you have rented the vehicle under full-full mode, the vehicle is delivered to you with a full tank and you should return it with the same tank or you must pay the difference. VAN CAR does not apply extra fees in this case, unlike some agencies.

Can I extend the rental of my vehicle?

Of course, for this you must notify the agency (the lessor) before the return date and formalize a new contract.

Can another driver who does not appear in the contract drive a rental vehicle?

If there is more than one driver, all drivers must be authorized by the lessor.

What does car rental insurance include?

The basic policy includes civil liability and unlimited damages to third parties. The lessee of the vehicle will be responsible for the damages caused to the vehicle up to the limit specified in the contract, which is sometimes referred to as a franchise, being excluded from this limit some damages such as those outside the road traffic and others. It is advisable to know well this point with your rental agency.

Who pays the fine of a rental vehicle?

Who rents the vehicle (the lessee) must be responsible for any fine during the term of the rental contract, unless it’s due to the Agency (the lessor).

If I have a flat tire with a rental vehicle, who pays the cost?

The one who rents the vehicle is responsible for paying the cost of the repair. In any case, it is advisable to call first the technical assistance service provided by the rental agency or directly to the agency.

If I have a traffic accident with a rental car, what should I do?

It is advisable to contact your agency as soon as possible so that they can advise you on the steps to follow. You should be in possession, if the circumstances allow it, of the names and addresses of the people involved in the accident as well as possible witnesses, in addition to filling in and signing a friendly report of the accident. Of course, if there are people injured, you should contact emergency services, and if the fault is of a third party, you should contact the police.

Is it better a local car rental agency or one of an internationally recognized brand?

Local rental agencies have a more stable rates independent of demand and you will probably get a cheaper price. With a local agency you will have a more personalized treatment, with an international agency you will have more collection and / or delivery points.

Does it cost extra to return a rental vehicle to a different collection site?

Chances are, check with your agency.

Does it cost extra to have more than one driver for a rental vehicle?

There are chances to be this way, check it with your agency. In the case of VAN CAR there’s no extra cost, but the data of each additional driver must be communicated.

Which are the minimum requirements for a driver of a rental vehicle?

Typically, a minimum of 1 to 2 years of driving license is required and an age within the range of 21-25 years old and 70 years old. Some companies may still rent the vehicle but charge an extra cost, normally because of the vehicle’s insurance.

What things should I check when picking up a rental vehicle?

Check the condition of the exterior and interior of the vehicle and record any damage writing it down on the form that the agencies have for this purpose. If you can take photographs or videotapes do it too. Check that the fuel tank level and mileage are in accordance with your rental agreement. Check the extras (eg baby chair) listed in the contract if applicable. And finally make sure you understand the coverage of the insurance policy and the possible franchise contracted.

What things should I check when returning a rental vehicle?

Check the level of the fuel tank in case you need to refill it before returning the vehicle.
Check the condition of the exterior and interior of the vehicle and take photographs or record a video if you are going to deliver the vehicle in an office where there is no staff and you must leave the vehicle parked and the keys in a mailbox; for example, this is common in the offices of airports or ports. Check mileage and any extra you have rented. Finally, check if the final cost is in accordance with the contract, if there is no mileage, fuel or any incident, the final cost should be exactly the one contracted at the beginning.