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PUNTS DE LLOGUER, S.L. (Hereinafter a rental company), hires to the Customer vehicle described (henceforth the vehicle), on the terms and conditions specified under which the parties agree and agree:

1. – The Customer receives the vehicle operating conditions, with all parts and accessories listed in the contract, and agrees not to make any changes in its structure, not mounted on your roof rack or luggage or goods transport on the same.

2. – The Customer receives the vehicle with a full fuel tank, agrees to return it in the same state, and takes care of all the expense of fuel consumed during the time of lease, unless both parties agree otherwise. The Customer shall pay to rental company the share of missing fuel to fill the tank. Breach of this clause may result in the imposition of additional charges.

3. – The Customer agrees to return the vehicle, along with parts and accessories, on the agreed date and place in which it was delivered, unless both parties agree otherwise. If the Customer wishes to extend the duration of the contract, shall notify the rental company, prior to the end of it and shall, if so required, execute a new contract. Breach of this clause may result in the imposition of additional charges.

4. – The Customer shall not assign, lease, pledge, sell or hypothecate the vehicle or any part or accessory thereof, and in any way and under any circumstances, use the vehicle so that strives to rental company property rights.

5. – Only authorized to drive the vehicle the Customer and those authorized and specified in the contract. These people must have a minimum age depending on the category of vehicle and with a minimum of two years service in the license.

6. – The Customer and any driver under point 5 above, participating as a member of the benefits of a policy of automobile insurance, a copy of which may be examined at the office of a rental company. This policy includes liability and casualty unlimited.

The Customer accepts the terms and conditions thereof, being understood by the Customer which is a Normal Policy Automobile Insurance in Spain.

The Customer is responsible for the damage to the vehicle until the amount specified in the “responsibility” of the Lease, excluding this limit damage from causes unrelated to traffic, hits against stationary objects and caused the roof or upper parts of the vehicle, for example by collisions with trees, branches, bridges, ramps, columns, etc.., and punctures and damage to tires, wheels, and interior upholstery.

Also excluded are damages caused to the vehicle due to travel on unauthorized routes to traffic (forest tracks, sports circuits, ports, airports, etc..).

This insurance does not cover loss or damage to baggage or goods transported.

7. – The Customer agrees to use the vehicle in accordance with the rules and circulation condución. The vehicle will not be used:

a) to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer

b) to participate in sports events or practice any form

c) for testing the strength of materials, automotive products and accessories

d) by persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that affects its consistency or resilience

e) for carriage of passengers or goods, as it implies a non-commercial vehicle use for commercial or industrial purposes and, in any case, for goods in contravention of the Customs Regulations or any law, regulation or ordinance.

Should the hired vehicle had 5 or more places, the Customer agrees to abide by the provisions of the Road Transport Regulations regarding baggage is defined as “the clothing and effects for the personal use of the travelers themselves and utensils and tools of his craft, trade or profession, well presented content in trunks and suitcases, under another cover any or sight without any packaging “

f) to transport fish, combustible, explosive, liquid and gaseous fuels, fruits and vegetables more than 300 km route, and any liquid bottling

g) in case of a commercial vehicle to carry goods weighing more than the maximum allowed for the vehicle, or poorly distributed goods or bad subject, to carry bulk cargo services, understood as the expeditions in which there is more than one sender and / or more than one consignee, unless the Customer has previously obtained and expense all permits and authorizations precise

h) on roads unfit for circulation or in restricted areas.

8. – The Customer agrees to pay to rental company the rent resulting from the application of the specified fee and applicable taxes and fees

a) the amount for all kinds of fines, court costs and extra parking derivatives undue traffic offenses and rules of Transportation or any other kind, who are against the vehicle, Customer, driver or rental company during the time of term of the contract, unless they originate from the rental company.

b) all expenses, including reasonable legal fees and lawyers, and prayed for claims for amounts owed by Customer to rental company.

c) the cost of repair to the vehicle collision or overturning of the vehicle, determined, however, that if said vehicle is being operated in accordance with the terms of this contract, the responsibility of the Customer shall not exceed the amount specified for different groups of vehicles given in the current rate

d) the amount for the accessories that are missing at the end of the rental vehicle, or replaced by another

e) The Customer shall be responsible for all those mechanical damage from misuse, lack of precautions and generally all kinds of negligence that cause damage to the vehicle, shall pay the amount for all damages that are caused by these concepts .

9. – In case of accident, vehicle damage or disappearance thereof, Customer agrees to:

a) obtain the names and addresses of persons involved in the accident and any witnesses

b) complete and sign the accident report

c) immediately inform the police if the guilt of the other person should be investigated and if people are injured.

10. – You are not allowed to move the vehicle or travel outside the country, unless expressly authorized in writing by the rental company, in which case the amount of the International Insurance Policy or Green Card will be borne by the Customer.

11. – The Customer relieves a rental company from all liability for loss or damage caused by objects left, stored or transported by the Customer or any other person, in or on the vehicle, either before or during the lifetime of the Agreement, either after the return of the vehicle.

12. – For any dispute arising in connection with this contract, the parties submit to the Arbitration Board Passenger Transport which is competent under the provisions of the Law on Land Transport and its implementing regulation.

13 – The Customer authorizes the rental company to automatic processing of personal data, necessary for the provision of the service agreement. These data will be treated confidentially, in accordance with Spanish legislation on data protection. He is also informed of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification and cancellation by written request.

14, – Is placed in a position of the Customer these “Terms and Conditions for Rental” both in Spanish and Catalan and a English traslation.

Last update October 2019